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Heels or sandals? City Classic Look Tips & Vlog

ootd femi-coach city classic look of summer


End of July. Hot climat touches everyone living in the city. You have scheduled a meeting with your friends, you are looking for a nice classy outfit, but you don’t want to fight at the end of the day  with injured feet, don’t you?:) We – Women always have the same problem. Flat shoes, or heels?

NO MORE SORE FEETpolyvore femi-coach classic city look of summer ootd

This is what do we usually consider: “Heels look the best. Hopefully I will not walk to much, however sandals  are comfortable but… they are flat 🙁 Do they look good?” As long as I live, I think about it every time before I am preparing myself for a meeting. The circumstances like weather and level of tiredness of feet are the factors that may influence how will we feel not only phisically but also mentally. I am sure you were suffering at least one time in your life because of sore feet in heels in hot summer, screaming for relief. I know exactly this feeling so I have found an easy solution. I take additionally one pair of flat shoes with me in similar style of heels, that will still match the outfit. You carry the flats in bag, and change everytime you need it. There are two options.

1. PHOTO: flip flops in beige with silver elements (like the outfit)

2. PHOTO: high heels in beige, neutral color.


ootd femi-coach city classic look of summer


ootd femi-coach city classic look of summer



Nowadays people say, that fashion has no rules. Everything is trendy. Before I started writing this post, I was thinking about it for a longer time to share my impression with you. My conclusion is following. Classic clothing elements in simple shape or shades never go out of fashion. For sure I will write in future my MUST HAVE’S of closet! I am still in love with outfits in basic shades, where the whole outfit does not consist of more than three colors

1. black- jumpsuit

2. beige- shoes

3. silver- elements of clothes/bag/shoes

IMG_3880femi-coach classic city summer look

I decided to wear light satin airy clothing to feel the summer wind around the body. The jumpsuit and sunglasses are from H&M. Now you can get both of elements on sale directly form H&M Online Store. I have checked it today (27. July) and they are still available in very affordable prize. Becuase of many silver elements – zip on the jumpsuit, silver thick chain of bag (Medium Michael Kors Cynthia) and little stones on flat shoes, I did not add any jewerly to maintain classic, minimalistic look. Down below I leave the link to my NYC vlog in this outfit! Enjoy the summer, Girls!



#OOTD NYC Saturday Night

Saturday is a perfect time to go out! Today I created for you a very disctinctive and daring look for extravagant women. I matched the glittering fabulous Balmain dress with fiery red stilettos of Valentino, which dominate in this season in Fashion Capitals. Because the dress and shoes are the two top elements of the outfit I decided to add minimalistic elegant bag with silver hardware.Which elements of the outfit do you find extravagant and why? Let’s go to the party!

ootd femi-coach.com nyc saturday night balmain valentino ysl extravagant look

Balmain mini dress
$4,175 – balmain.com

Valentino shoes
$1,175 – mytheresa.com

Yves Saint Laurent clutch
$720 – italist.com

#OOTD Marine dress. Chanel & Nike on board!

marine dress nike shoes chanel bag femi coach ootd outfit look

Hello my dear women! Because today is a great weather I decided to wear marine striped dress in mixed style. I was walking around the city so I had my comfy white Nike shoes which fit every smart outfit! I added Chanel 2.55 bag with golden hardware- that is my first mixed outfit- classy Chanel with sporty Nike. One year ago I could not imagine to wear this two visibly distinct piece of clothing. As high heel fanatic, now I am definitely starting to get on board with the sport shoes! I am an example, that women chages their mind:)

femi-coach marine dress chanel 2.55 nike shoes ootd

femi-coach marine dress chanel 2.55 nike shoes ootd

marie dress femi-coach nike white shoes

femi-coach marine dress chanel 2.55 nike shoes ootd

femi-coach marine dress chanel 2.55 nike shoes ootd

femi-coach marine dress chanel 2.55 nike shoes ootd

femi-coach marine dress chanel 2.55 nike shoes ootd

Who knows what will be fashionable in 5 or 10 years? My attitude towards style and its dedicated rules was always quite restrictive. Now I want to open my imagination to new ideas and fashion experiences! What are your mad ideas about matching different styles?

Femi Coach

marine dress nike shoes chanel bag femi coach