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femi-coach oversize dress outfit black dress birthday outfit femi fashion

Hello Everyone! You may not know but 11 September is my Birthday. For many people is a day of sad memories from New York. For me it was a time of mixed thoughts. One one hand, I was happy to celebrate the day I was born in this beautiful world, on the other hand I was thinking about my family from other States and they fear of 11 September from NYC.

femi-coach oversize dress outfit black dress birthday outfit femi fashion

So like one week before Birthday I started thinking what should I wear this day, me – celebrating Birthday and in the same time having in mind the day in New York. I decided to wear black dress and classic red lips with creamy accesories as bag and shoes and the second outfit with casual bag and comfy shoes, because we went for a walkafter dinner.

femi-coach oversize dress outfit black dress birthday outfit femi fashionfemi-coach oversize dress outfit black dress birthday outfit femi fashion

I think black color is a  good choice for both reasons I mentioned. I have spent a wonderful day in Morristown in a beautiful restaurant and tried new dishes. My favourite was sea food in cake! Absolutely lovely!

femi-coach oversize dress outfit black dress birthday outfit femi fashion

femi-coach oversize dress outfit black dress birthday outfit femi fashion

femi-coach oversize dress outfit black dress birthday outfit femi fashion

femi-coach oversize dress outfit black dress birthday outfit femi fashion

Natural look. The easiest ombre technique at home!

femi coach ombre diy darkening blonde roots

Coming back from blond to its darker shade has never been easier. How is it possible?

diy easy ombre at home darkening roots femi-coach

I was always used to traditional baleyage, actually for many years! Dying hair every month took not only money for hair treatment, but time. Moreover, it required regularity in visiting hairdresser, who dyed them every time for a bit different blondshade, what made me confused and not always satisfied. Hairdye methods has changed a lot in last 3 years. Rarely we can see women with contrast “striped” hairdye of baleyage.

One day I fell in love with ombre and got inspired.

femi-coach diy easy ombre at home darkening blonde roots

One sunny day I visited haidresser in Europe to try ombre. I was so excited to have super trendy hairdye so that I even took a picture with me of my favourite british model- Rosie Huntington. Unfortunately I came back home with chocolate brown hair with tears in eyes and retoric question”What did I do?!”. No vestige of blond.

femi-coach diy easy ombre at home darkening blonde roots- rosie huntington

So after some time and long hair treatment I desperately came back to platinium blond, because I didn’t trusted any hairdresser knows ombre technique so dying whole hair blond seem to be easier. I know, silly step, but prefered to be blond than brunette.

My hair were a bit destroyed, fortunately not extremly, I invested in Kerastase products, and it worked. Lucky me:) So, what happen later? Hair started to grow in healthy condition, but roots didn’t look good, what meant- you need to dye them again! My problem was- which way to go with my roots. Highlights or full cover.  I purchased Loreal hairdye cream, at the moment I even don’t remeber the exact number od shade. It worked. Roots covered.

The problem started to be more complicated. After two months my hair got yellow undertone. I didn’t like it anymore. I came to idea to learn ombre technique on Youtube and finally get rid of problem with roots. Most of films show how to brighten your hair, but I needed to do it on the contrary. From blond to dark blond. So I purchased ash light ash brown 6A of Loreal Excellence and covered 60 % of my hair. Blond ends I left and smoothed the contrast with a comb.

loreal excellence 6a light ash brown femi-coach easy ombre at home diy darkening roots

Down below you can see my very easy and affordable transformation. I still have some yellow undertone, the hairdye cream washed out a bit, but now I can do it on my own, and it is easy like ABC:)

Easy ombre at home DIY darkening roots

   I look more natural, and I am satisfied. On Youtube I showed how to do it at home!

If you have any questions, I will answer with pleasure!

Your Femi-Coach


Work dress code. Does the devil really wear Prada?


Be slim. Look good. Change your style. Be trendy, says the Devil.  In this day and age we suffer from information overload. Mass Media create trends, image is becoming more important, while huge corporations are setting us high targets. How to look good and keep a cool head? Few tips about work dress code.

The-devil-wears-Prada-720x340 WORK DRESS CODE FEMI COACH

The general definition of dress codes says that these are written and, more often, unwritten rules with regard to clothing. Clothing like other aspects of human physical appearance has a social significance, with different rules and expectations being valid depending on circumstance and occasion. It is worth mentioning, that every company has different rules – some are more or less restrictive, from professional to casual style. However, if you occupy high position – you may be obliged to every day professional business dress code. If you are a new employee you may look around before you start your first days in a company, or simply ask your superior. If you feel uncertain – do not be concerned about it. Being a part of group will be very welcome by your boss. Some employers prefer corporate/business casual dress code during weekdays, except for friday when you are allowed to wearsmart casual clothing. What are the most popular work dress codes?


Dress code plays identification role.  Every day the same look without a common problem – what should I wear today? 🙂

femi-coach dress code, attendant uniform140627-9_lisu_vega_eastern_air_lines_possible_uniform_b44d35069390c6c5fe6eb6fae11a9277.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000

Professional business

The most restrictive dress code. Every detail is defined and matters to the extent, where one ommission, means you are downgraded to business casual. It is dedicated to professionals occupying the highest positions. Required are:

  • light coloured collared blouses
  • neutral color long sleeved classic suits (long trousers or knee lenght shirt)
  • black or neutral hosiery
  • elegant, closed toed shoes, medium heels
  • simple hairstyle

emma watson femi-coach professional business dress code work dress code


Acceptable are white and light blue shirts with collar under the suit

(Buy this shirt at Macy’s online, click on the photo)


simple hairstyles

Business casual

Here are preferred:

  • blasers
  • botton down shirtspravila horoshego tona v delovoi odezhde dlia zhenshchin
  • elegant shoes
  • sweaters
  • cardigans
  • dress pants
  • capri pants
  • suit pants
  • khakis


  • T-shirts
  • sleevless bouses
  • sheer Blouses
  • tank tops
  • shorts
  • leggins
  • printed trousers or shirts
  • jeans
  • linen pants



business casual dress code inspirations beckham femi coach

Official party 

It is the second most restrictive dress code. is is sharp and elegant. You can use colors but maintain class in clothing. Welcome are elegant shoes, dresses, jewerly and hairstyle. Avoid “party” shocking make up:), super short dresses, low neckline, big shoulderbags. The rule is: the less, the better!

kate midleton smart casual elegant outfit style femi coach

Kate Middleton in Blue Dress at Freedom of the City Ceremony in Quebec-07

Smart casual

It is a combinations of casual, business professional and business casual style, that is why it is called “smart”. It is appropriate to wear nice skirt, femi dress or dark jeans with a printed shirts, blasers and some elegant accesories which will give your outfit a schick sharp look. Do not be afraid of colors! Show your personality. Full elegant flexibility.



smart casual style femi coach



This style can be defined as something relaxed, occasional, not planned. You can wear your favourite pair of jeans! Match them with a stylish top or accesories. Heels not required, but not forbidden! Feel smart and comfortable.

casual-13 olivia palermo femi coach


8407_2 503920722_2_bagfrontqtr

Get to know your coworkers and style that is required for every day look. To change the outfit you may operate with jewelry, accesories, colors or hairstyles. Moreover – your make up or a small accent like neckerchief can change the whole look, so you will always look fresh and schick.

Find your style and feel good!

Femi Coach