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#OOTD Marine dress. Chanel & Nike on board!

marine dress nike shoes chanel bag femi coach ootd outfit look

Hello my dear women! Because today is a great weather I decided to wear marine striped dress in mixed style. I was walking around the city so I had my comfy white Nike shoes which fit every smart outfit! I added Chanel 2.55 bag with golden hardware- that is my first mixed outfit- classy Chanel with sporty Nike. One year ago I could not imagine to wear this two visibly distinct piece of clothing. As high heel fanatic, now I am definitely starting to get on board with the sport shoes! I am an example, that women chages their mind:)

femi-coach marine dress chanel 2.55 nike shoes ootd

femi-coach marine dress chanel 2.55 nike shoes ootd

marie dress femi-coach nike white shoes

femi-coach marine dress chanel 2.55 nike shoes ootd

femi-coach marine dress chanel 2.55 nike shoes ootd

femi-coach marine dress chanel 2.55 nike shoes ootd

femi-coach marine dress chanel 2.55 nike shoes ootd

Who knows what will be fashionable in 5 or 10 years? My attitude towards style and its dedicated rules was always quite restrictive. Now I want to open my imagination to new ideas and fashion experiences! What are your mad ideas about matching different styles?

Femi Coach

marine dress nike shoes chanel bag femi coach

Work dress code. Does the devil really wear Prada?


Be slim. Look good. Change your style. Be trendy, says the Devil.  In this day and age we suffer from information overload. Mass Media create trends, image is becoming more important, while huge corporations are setting us high targets. How to look good and keep a cool head? Few tips about work dress code.

The-devil-wears-Prada-720x340 WORK DRESS CODE FEMI COACH

The general definition of dress codes says that these are written and, more often, unwritten rules with regard to clothing. Clothing like other aspects of human physical appearance has a social significance, with different rules and expectations being valid depending on circumstance and occasion. It is worth mentioning, that every company has different rules – some are more or less restrictive, from professional to casual style. However, if you occupy high position – you may be obliged to every day professional business dress code. If you are a new employee you may look around before you start your first days in a company, or simply ask your superior. If you feel uncertain – do not be concerned about it. Being a part of group will be very welcome by your boss. Some employers prefer corporate/business casual dress code during weekdays, except for friday when you are allowed to wearsmart casual clothing. What are the most popular work dress codes?


Dress code plays identification role.  Every day the same look without a common problem – what should I wear today? 🙂

femi-coach dress code, attendant uniform140627-9_lisu_vega_eastern_air_lines_possible_uniform_b44d35069390c6c5fe6eb6fae11a9277.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000

Professional business

The most restrictive dress code. Every detail is defined and matters to the extent, where one ommission, means you are downgraded to business casual. It is dedicated to professionals occupying the highest positions. Required are:

  • light coloured collared blouses
  • neutral color long sleeved classic suits (long trousers or knee lenght shirt)
  • black or neutral hosiery
  • elegant, closed toed shoes, medium heels
  • simple hairstyle

emma watson femi-coach professional business dress code work dress code


Acceptable are white and light blue shirts with collar under the suit

(Buy this shirt at Macy’s online, click on the photo)


simple hairstyles

Business casual

Here are preferred:

  • blasers
  • botton down shirtspravila horoshego tona v delovoi odezhde dlia zhenshchin
  • elegant shoes
  • sweaters
  • cardigans
  • dress pants
  • capri pants
  • suit pants
  • khakis


  • T-shirts
  • sleevless bouses
  • sheer Blouses
  • tank tops
  • shorts
  • leggins
  • printed trousers or shirts
  • jeans
  • linen pants



business casual dress code inspirations beckham femi coach

Official party 

It is the second most restrictive dress code. is is sharp and elegant. You can use colors but maintain class in clothing. Welcome are elegant shoes, dresses, jewerly and hairstyle. Avoid “party” shocking make up:), super short dresses, low neckline, big shoulderbags. The rule is: the less, the better!

kate midleton smart casual elegant outfit style femi coach

Kate Middleton in Blue Dress at Freedom of the City Ceremony in Quebec-07

Smart casual

It is a combinations of casual, business professional and business casual style, that is why it is called “smart”. It is appropriate to wear nice skirt, femi dress or dark jeans with a printed shirts, blasers and some elegant accesories which will give your outfit a schick sharp look. Do not be afraid of colors! Show your personality. Full elegant flexibility.



smart casual style femi coach



This style can be defined as something relaxed, occasional, not planned. You can wear your favourite pair of jeans! Match them with a stylish top or accesories. Heels not required, but not forbidden! Feel smart and comfortable.

casual-13 olivia palermo femi coach


8407_2 503920722_2_bagfrontqtr

Get to know your coworkers and style that is required for every day look. To change the outfit you may operate with jewelry, accesories, colors or hairstyles. Moreover – your make up or a small accent like neckerchief can change the whole look, so you will always look fresh and schick.

Find your style and feel good!

Femi Coach

“I don’t like myself”. How to change it?

Sometimes we have this kind of feeling “I am not good enough”, “I am not lucky”. We usually put blame on environment or destiny, which – in our opinion – control our life. Let’s stop for a while and invest time to make friends with a very important person in your life. Yourself. 


Considering the fact, that every human has different experiences, expectations and perception of the world – one thing is common. The heart of the issue of missing self-acceptance, is not only the way you are treated by others, but foremost, how you treat yourself. Self-acceptance is a long process but incredibly worth of effort.

Start from yourself 

Making excuses is one of the easiest way to discontinue our activities. How many times thoughts like “it doesn’t make sense”, “it is impossible to change myself” manipulated your choices and led you to surrender? By nature we try to simplify our life making seemingly safe decisions by choosing excuses. We forget about the fact that destiny is in our hands. In March 2014 the psychologists from University of Hertfordshire conducted a survey about happiness proving that habit which corresponded most closely with being happy with overall life is self-acceptance.*

Find your advantages and right people 

Take a piece of paper and start writing about the things you like about yourself. The second step is to write about your achievements, yes, these little ones too. It will open your mind for positive emotions. In admission, if you want to develop the list of your advantages and need some external motivation in the beginning – ask your friend for creating the list of things, they like in your personality with explanations or let them describe common positive experiences you both had. Discuss together and hang both lists in a place where you spend most of your time.

Act in the circle of impact 

Try to think about the things, that you want to change; improving qualifications, loosing weight etc. Additionally, you can find issues that interfere with your happiness. At first, make decisions in the area where you have influence. It will build your self-esteem step by step.

Treat yourself good 

What does it really mean? My father always reminds me that for people thankfulness comes hard. At the end of the day you can try to write down about two or three things that you are gratefulf to yourself for. Thank yourself for the “good things” you have done from your perspective. Approximately after a month you will collect about 50 positive thoughts! Be aware of the fact, that everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes take the liberty to do so. Nobody is perfect.

Do not compare yourself to others 

Avoid comparisons. Treat yourself special. Noone has the same talent, color of iris, bodyshape, memories or achievements.  He or she will never be you. On the contrary – someone can can envy  things, which you are not aware of. Do not waste your time thinking about someone’s else life. Use your potential, chances and abilities.

Create dreams and set goals 

Having a purpose in life motivates incredibly, especially if it is based on your dreams.  They do come true if you believe in their fulfilment and carry out some effort. Set small and approachable goals in the beginning. You will feel more confident, because independence, regularity and consistency influence our self-esteem.


Failure is not a failure 

Remove word “failure” from your dictionary. Substitute it with “lesson”. Our brain “listens” to the words we say. By using positive sounding words you will put youself in a positive attitude.

The fact is, I don’t do everything right all the time, but that doesn’t affect who I am. I know I’m loved and that I’m still a good person. I’ve made mistakes in my life—and I’m sure I’ll make mistakes in the future—but I still like myself. Joyce Meyer 

Control inner monolog 

Critical voices telling you to give up steer your whole mind. Most of people are not aware, how important role it plays in making every day decisions. It may motivate you, or bring you down – depends on what they tell you. Start to follow your thoughts and replace the negative with positive. To excercise – you can write all the negative thoughts you have heard. It is good to write them instantly to safe them from oblivion. Read them aloud, then cross them out to make your brain forget them visually. Analyse every thought, asking yourself in form of self coaching: “why did I think this way?” It will help you find the problem, that may stop you from making right conscious decisions and being happy.

To sum up – treat yourself well. Follow your needs, listen to yourself and create your new, brighter reality. Open yourself for new emotions and conscious happy life.

Femi Coach



What is my blog about?


Hi 🙂 I am Nina and I live in New Jersey. My profession is human resources management. I studied psychology to help women finding their way of happiness, building self-esteem and exploring hidden potential and beauty.  I do not want to impose my will on anybody, because every human defines happiness different. I want to give inspirations and build relationships with women creating a new, more approachable form of life coaching blog, where you can feel like chatting over  good coffee with a friend! I want to present two forms of posts. You can find here psychological content for your mind, and fashion , beauty and lifestyle inspirations for the eye. Do not hesitate to talk and ask.


This blog’s motto is:


Every woman is beautiful, but not every woman is conscious.


Let me change that perception! Let us achieve Positive Change together!


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